About the company

The company traces its history back to 1957, being a successor to the Chelyabinsk Geological Expedition. Chelyabinskgeolsyomka is the only specialized enterprise in the Chelyabinsk Region providing regional-scale geological surveys. Its specialists conduct monitoring of the geological environment, as well as perform geophysical and hydrogeological surveys and engineering research.

The enterprise includes an accredited integrated laboratory that provides analytical support to any geological, hydrogeological, geochemical, geotechnical, and environmental operations. The laboratory’s equipment allows to perform mineral rock assaying, identify elements using chemical, spectral, atomic absorption and flame photometry methods, make petrographic polished sections and dissolve samples in order to determine microfossil and conodonts. The laboratory can carry out almost any analytical studies required in the process of prospecting and exploration - geological, hydrogeological, geochemical surveying and other types of works.